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Protection and more

With so much uncertainty and uneasiness right now, having a smart financial strategy can help turn uncertainty to certainty. Both Term and Permanent life insurance should be considered as part of that plan, along with Long-Term Care solutions. More than simply ensuring your family’s financial security for the future, it helps you get the most out of today.

Our Firm, through our various partnerships, has access to leading products from the industry's highest-rated and most competitive life carriers.

Choices to match your goals

Of course, you want to know your family will be protected. But what else is important to you?

  • Living in the home you love, knowing the mortgage won’t become a burden to your family/beneficiaries?
  • Including Long-Term Care rider to cover future medical expenses?
  • Options to access cash value in retirement?
  • Leaving a legacy to your most cherished cause?
  • Obtaining Buy/Sell or Key Person business coverage?

Whatever your goals, we meet you where you are with life insurance strategies and products designed to give you some peace of mind.

Know the difference between life insurance types…

Term life insurance offers:

Term life insurance is generally the most affordable type of coverage. It offers protection for a specific period of time.

  • Security that comes with knowing a death benefit will be paid to your loved ones if you pass away — for example, while your children are still young or your business is still growing.
  • Coverage for a defined term — unlike permanent life insurance, which covers you for life (provided that the premiums are paid).
  • A generally income tax-free payout to your loved ones upon your passing (known as a death benefit).

Permanent life insurance offers:

Permanent life insurance is just that — permanent. It protects you and your family now and throughout your life.

  • The potential to build cash value during your lifetime.
  • The ability to access your money through loans and withdrawals for things such as paying for college, retirement or long-term care.
  • A generally income tax-free payout to your loved ones upon your passing (known as a death benefit).